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About Me!

What`s there to say about myself? So, my birthdate is the 30th March 1983 - the same day
as Celine Dion :D -
, currently I am between school, work & university. Generally, i am friendly person
wonderful woman with warm feelings and love sharing my thoughts from time to times :-)

When I am reading, I prefer books based on true stories. My two favorites are by Waris Dirie (her life, in
two books)
and by Paulo Cheolo (Veronica Decides To Die).

As well there are some great movies like Nowhere in Africa or Pearl Harbor. But there are many more,
mainly I prefer films on true stories, related to Time Travel or other stuff as well.

What I also love to do? Hmm.... Taking a Ride on my bike, meeting together with some friends :-)
Showing people my wonderful city.

Are you missing something here? Please let me know :-)

Your very happppy partly 24/7-SoulSeek User, Kate.

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