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........::::: CREDITS :::::........

Here you find all people I have to say "thank you":

  • All the people without I would never got on the idea of making my own Radio Show :-)
    Especially Mr. Polarny from Radio Rcw Onee for giving me a 1h-slot.
  • All my friends, especially my best grilfriends Ulla, Michi & Leah with who I can share my
    thoughts openly with.
  • All my other friends :D Nadine, Adam, and my relatives, yeah Ice w Gdansku,
    i thanks to my cousine Asia for the CelineDion-Birthday-Same-Day thing. (29-11-2004)
    All my two hundred Fine Friends on my Miranda Messenger @ ICQ, MSN, YIM, AIM...
  • All people on Earth :D for not being so alone on this planet.
  • All the other people on the K-Lite board for having many many nice opened
    discussions. Yeah, KL Board was nice :D Also thanks to all nice nice ppl from
    Audiogalaxy without I never would been into filesharing.
  • And obviously the people I forgot to mention here... are there any?
    Thanks to the New York Times, and all other Newssites I am getting my news from...
    Thanks for any donation made through the PayPal icon :-)

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