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Programs and good stuff :D

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Okay, here you can download all my four catalog files which contain information about all my files on my
CDs. I think I am gonna put the catalog files online so you might search through my stuff on your own.
To brwose and search thru`the archive you need to get Where Is It?. They even have a Freeware Viewer
tool, so no need to buy the whole program. :D

Update: I recently saved all my data on DVD as some of my compacts been very dirty and scratched on its
surfaces. You can now download the new catalog files, at the moment just one file :-) If you want you can still get
the old catalog files, but the latest are more up to date. But if you are a bit in love with older stuff and nostalgique
things, please feel free... I trashed all my CD`s. (31-12-2004)

[ Direct Download ] [ Photograph of all my old compacts inside a trashcan ]

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