News of: April 2005

Saturday, 23rd April 2005 @ 11.34pm (GMT)
Okay, first sorry and I had to apologize for not writing so long. Nithing big going on here,
except the opening of a new local Congress Center, the CCN (Congress Center Nuremberg)
where I obviously took some pics. Yo, I know I will later try to prepare my own gallery :-)

And the SoulSeek Server been down at the moment. First, I thought it is only me as my
client crashed one more time, but on their site it shows "Server offline". Two weeks ago,
I donated one more time five dollar and first I got correctly thirty days of privileges. But,
after awhile I see I was getting a second time thirty days so that I was having sixty days
of privileges. Think that was definately a mistake as I never donated that much. And
as I do not need that much days, I shared them with two nice SoulSeek friends, Sangreal
and Dece. Of course I also gave 10 days to my cousin ice12345.

Ah, my parents and my sister will travel to Poland soon in around two week, that means
I will get to work by train and bus, and the other way a friend will bring me near home.

The last two weeks I got some Music CDs I ordered and which I could not find at
SoulSeek. So, when I have time I rip them and add them to my archive. I also wrote
one message to my best friend Ulla but she wasn`t replying. I hope she is well, btw.
think as university was going to start last weeks again, there is much work and so on.

Okay, for now I am uploading this latest news and sending some greets to Dece in
Canada, hope you are well. You, too Sangreal. Sorry, but SoulSeek is offline at the
moment. So, I do not have your mail adress. But was nice to meet you. And my latest
archive with all my files is in the download area.



Sunday 10th April 2005 @ 11.42am (GMT)
Okay, people my birthday passed, I gave some of the good (Ronnefeldt)Tea to some
people at Brief24. The Pope died last week, and I was watching live @ CNN how they
bringing them in St. Peters Cathedral. As I have been in Rome, it is quite
recommendable this city, but you have to be careful of thieves! And when they brought
the Pope in the church, there have been in the background these Gregorian Chants,
very nice, sad and they fit perfectly. So I downloaded some of them, which are very
similar on SoulSeek. Yes, the Pope died, he was ill since some time (Parkinson...)
so I hope he is more happy wherever he is now :-)

I also downloaded finally "The Color Purple" Soundtrack by Quincy Jones (awesome
movie), which at the moment is available as used item at for around
fourty us dollars, what is quite much. That makes more happy that I know have it
in my shared.

As some of you may know, there is currently being broadcasted kind of Music Videos
with Electronic and Relaxing Music on HR television, called
Very awesome kind of Art, where I am like imagine different stories and like to think
what happen on other places when I am listening to this relaxing music. Very relaxing,
so I bought the DVDs with it. I will rip it later I have some more time.

Recently we had many many letters @ this slight and decent postal service Brief24.

Ah, btw. recently I got (yesterday, I think) twenty privileges by some unknown person,
I asked my cousin ice but I am not sure if he was it. Anyway, it was nice, but twenty was
a bit much. Okay, so I shared some with some other nice people :-)

Ah, I have not much time to work on the website, yesterday and today I am a bit ill, not
sure what it is, maybe I ate something bad, cause my stomache was hurting yesterday.

Greetz, and wishing you a nice night,