News of: August 2005

Saturday, 6th August 2005 @ 10.23pm (GMT)
Yo, okay, I did not solve that issue with my old website adress. I got in touch
with the support, but the guys and girls at GMX seem not to be there at the moment,
maybe they are on holiday. Somehow, I was able to register this new adress, so that
for the moment my website is back online at this adress:
Maybe at sometime I will register for a paid webspace service for around five euro,
so that I get over one gigabyte webspace with 24/7 live support.

Last week, it was very busy at Brief24. A lot of people are on holiday and two people
got ill unfortunately. Think that is like, shit happens.

Ah, today some relatives visited us. They will stay for a night and continue their
travel tomorrow :-) Ah, and in this photogaphy forum, maybe there is gonna be
a user meeting next week on thursday. If I have time, I will try to be there,
depending how much letters and time I will have.

Okay, I hope you all are well more or less, you also Michi and Ulla and the others,


Tuesday, 1st August 2005 @ 0.27am (GMT)
THello, back again. Last Month I have had a new record of letters: 160.
I also got a phone call from my friend Martha, who has been in Spain for
some time. Now, she is back there during her holidays. I am a bit disappointed
my best friend Ulla, I can trust most, did not invite me to her wedding celebration.

Anyway, I wished her all the best I can wish. She married last Saturday.
So far, two weddings have been left: my sisters and my cousine Asia`s in

Today, another friend, Anne - called Amy - had her birthday, wished her
some luck and so on.

Some weeks ago, at the beginning of this month I ordered this ipaq PDA
of Hewlett Packard together with GPS navigation system. And it works quite
well, I tried to navigate to my friend Ulla, and wow it worked quite well. After
that I tried to navigate to the new Munich Airport

Hope you all are more or less well,