News of: December 2004

Thursday, 30th December 2004 @ 3.25pm (GMT)
Okay, now I`ve done some small changes in the My Stuff section. Just put soe direct
links to Audiograbber and TextIt, so they can be also downloaded directly off my site.

Tuesday, 28th December 2004 @ 10.54pm (GMT)
As you might have seen I wasn`t online the last time. That`s because I am not now
working partly at a new company called Brief24 which is somehow a postal service at
the beginning. I did not forget you all, no no :-) I am trying to leave my Messenger
on when the computer is running, even if I am not at home. So, I hope I wished you
all a nice christmas and a happy new year, knwing it might be harder sometimes to be
happy. But to be happy, also may save and increase life quality.
Yesterday, I my father
advised me to make some kind of life insurance, so that we've been today at a
known insurance copmany. I am not yet fully convinced that was right as I am not
earning much money and so on... just worrying. But on the other hand it might not be
bad maybe.
Ah, Ulla, just want to say I think of you, no I did not forget you, try to be
happy,sending you a bit of my happiness :-) happy new year, obviously and
nice dreams.

Another Topic: I nearly saved all my data on DVD. I will soon put thenew catalog files
with informations about all my stuff in the My Stuff sectrion.

Wednesday, 15th December 2004 @ 11.24pm (GMT)
Hello folks, hello people, hope you did not miss me too much. Just want to say,
don`t worry I am still here. I was just very busy the last days backuping my discs to
DVD :-) Now the Job is nearly done. What`s else there to say? Hmm... these days,
many friends and people around me are quite busy as well. My big sister is
here with here little daughter Kayah (or you can say Kaja :) and her husband Robert
is installing some major thing in their new house 11km from my parents. Furthermore,
I was at my cousin in Gdansk (Danzig) and at some other relatives in Poland.
In Gdansk, I took with my cousin Ice around 400 photographs. Alltogether, with
my dads photos we took many many more. Only my camera showing over 3000 pics
taken, but that might be a mistake or Ice took some more images :)

I am gonna put the images online later after I have burned them all on DVD.
I also have to organise my pics from the years before which I took with my normal
good old first cam. They are quite messy lying around and that is not nice.
Some images wili be probably password protected and only would be able to seen
by close relatives or friends. That`s as I do not want to violate anybodies rights.

Today, I phoned my friend Leah just to tell her I am still here and I am okay, wishing
her good good luck with one exam tomorrow and sending some christmas greetings
out there. My other friend and let me tell old neighbour, which I know since I`d been
small, ordered a new Computer in pieces the last days and will build it up on his own.
I will try to see that, cause I never built up a PC on my own. But Ice also building
PC`s together from pieces and scratch. My other best friend Ulla is also quite busy.
I send her also some greets (also when I have been in Gdansk) by a webcard, a nice
web postcard.

Least, but not last I want to mention Hidden Landscapes is opened a special
christmas charity auction on ebay :D >>> Click here and bid on a suprise
The money you pay will be finally used for presents as well :D
The auction will end this Sunday. Okay so far I finally wishing everybody who
read this and who don`t a nice nice and warm christmas,


Friday, 3rd December 2004 @ 10.56pm (GMT)
Okay, people. Oh, to mention it, Simon (alias MadCat) told to me on MSN and said
he apologize for being not friendly towards me. Lol, I never mind as time passed by,
but thanks anyway. I added a few downloads. I found occassionally the Team Chat
logfiles of haxor. <LOL> I thought I deleted that already off my computer.
I never read all the threads there, but posted it in the download section.

Friday, 3rd December 2004 @ 00.31am (GMT)
I made a new Menu {Partners} for all the partner sites and affiliates of my
site. That is little advertisement for both sides. If you have a site, you put
a Link to my site on your site, I put a Link or Logo on these page. :-)
Thanks Kman2 for this idea, okik that is still work in progress.
What was the Forum URL to your forum, I forgot it. Thanks.

Friday, 3rd December 2004 @ 00.05am (GMT)
Hey, Kman2, okik I got your banner will try to put it in the site so that it fit,
maybe resize it to the size like the banner you see of

I also added some new customised error pages. Error 400, Error 401
and Error 403. I am not sure if they are necessary thought, but here they are.
They are all created with a cool instant Logo tool: AAA Logo.

Thursday, 2nd December 2004 @ 05.26pm (GMT)
Okay, I now figured out how you can do a customised 404 Error page.
At most hosts there is a .htaccess file. It is in each directory of your host and
control the rights + privileges for these directories and their subdirectories.
Here you can read the full manual: Click here! :D Might be interesting for you,
Rossco. But I think you know that already maybe. I post it anyway. If a page is not
found this error will occur slightly.

Thursday, 2nd December 2004 @ 03.29pm (GMT)
So, now I have done some changes to the layout of the forum. I also sorted
my shared folder in SoulSeek so that now it will be more easy to find what
I or people are looking for when browsing my files.

The guy who hacked the Forum tried to get in again, while saying it wasn`t him.
But I see the IP was similar. Okay, I am not that in IP`s Hunting, butI banned
him as long as I do not have a safe backup. Older News can be now viewed below... :-)
I also changed my username on SoulSeek from sha`re@KaZaA to ShareNoEvil.
Thanks for the guy who give me this idea in room MovieMusic.