News of: February 2005

Tuesday, 22nd February 2005 @ 2.45pm (GMT)
Okay, I am not sure today about writing these and showing you my inner thoughts, but
this is one of the days I feel really bad and am in a depressive mood. And, indeed I feel
like killing myself would be one good solution. Maybe this is only the lack of coffee. I am
not sure. Today, I was at the dentist also, nothing, his assistant just cleaned my teethes
in a nice way, so now they look cleaner and nicer. Okay, this is just to let you know how I
I feel, and this is really personal issue. Some people make me feeling not very well,
indeed I hope you Leah, Michi and Ulla are feeling better today than me.

The guys from Brief24 did not call me today. Yesterday, they needed someone to help
out as some regular one seemed to be ill. Okay, hopefully the regular is back.

I hope you all people on this earth are feeling more better, indeed if I could, I would
take a spaceship and leave earth as many people on this earth make feelign me sick and not
really good,


Monday, 21st February 2005 @ 12.45am (GMT)
Hello and good morning to @ll people on this world :-), I hope you all are still feeling well
more or less. So, now, what there is to say about the latest things which happened here?
First to tell you, I helped out at a local store where they sell stuff for building thins, called
Baumarkt in german. And I was quite shocked how dirty some parts of this store have
been. Okay, I`ve seen other stores as well and in some edges there is many dusts lying
around. That wasn`t awesome by the way, as you might imagine.

Other topic: I have to go to the dentist for general check tomorrow at 10.30am (GMT+1).
So this is my third date with the dentist this month. The other ones last week I had to
cancel unfortunately, as there had been quite a lot letters and packages at the local
postal service Brief24 where I am helping out as well a bit. So, tomorrow gonna be the
third date.

Yesterday, I`d been in the cinema at this movie Constantine. Someting about hell and
heaven and so on. Quite nice effects partly. By the way, my new mobile phone is now
here, after I lost my old Sony Erricsson T610 last week. So, after I ordered a new one, I
finally received it. It was a bit cheaper than the first one, but it was my fault what
happened to the old one. Fortunately, I had a backup of all my adresses.

Ah, btw. my friend Michi already is back in Nuremberg for two months, but had not much
time as all their realtives want to see her after she returned from her studies on Online
Ah, and another issue: I recently got an answer from one of my favorite
Bryce artists beton. He bought a new computer and that was why he did not answered
the comments on his images. Well, his images are really awesome.

I wish you all quite a slight start into this week and try to enjoy each minute of your live,


Saturday, 11th February 2005 @ 11.38pm (GMT)
Okay, yesterday I cleaned my room a bit and the toilet, means the restroom. Everytime
I am cleaning my room I am feeling better in a cleaned room :-) That`s a good feeling.
Other topic: today, it also was my fault partly, I lost my mobile phone. Thanks god, I did
not loose much adresses and stuff as all my important adresses are on my website and
in my archive. So, on the one hand side, I will survive it. But I am also feeling angry and
sad that whoever found it, did not give it back. Finally, I am not surprised about that, but
I am feeling sad. But, the loss of my first mobile due to water damage was a bigger one,
as I had all the adresses of my friends in there. Nah, anyway, on the other side it is
also my own fault partly, as I may be did not take care too much in some ways though I put it
in my pocket.
I did not recognized where exactly I lost it. I found a new one, will take
awhile now... hopefully next week. I will inform all friends about my new number in time

A, one of my best friends, Michi last week mentioned she will come back to Nuremberg
for two months as she has some free time off unviersity and her studies on online
. I wrote to her, but did not get any mail yet. Maybe she isn`t here already.
Anyway, I hope, that you are feeling well Michi and I read the article about you and
the one you wrote in your project you mentioned.

Ah, one more topic: One of my two auctions at ebay ended up successfully :-) I sold
some old stuff for my old first mobile phone, as I oculd no longer use it. The guy said,
that he already transfered the money of 8 EUR, but it did not yet arrived on my bank
account. Okay, I already sent the item to him, with another postal service called Hernes.
Hopefully, the money will reach my account next week. After one week I will leave
my opinion on the buyer.

I am also working on the personal protected area @ Hidden Landscapes, just to merge
all my important internet log & bills to one pdf files. Ah, and I downloaded Adobe 7.0
thourgh Shareaza. The project to save all my parents music, is currently stopped as
some discs could not be ripped properly. So, the music of my parents is only partly
ripped so far. That making me a bit dissapointed.

Ah, btw. I recently boght some additional stuff for my mobile phone last week at
ebay seller which has his local shop in nuremberg also. So I directly went to him to
get the article. First time, I visited him I got a police ticket for wrong parking about 15EUR,
what did not make me very happy.
I had to come a second time, as the seller accidentally
sent the article a second time to me (he has 300 hundred transactions a day, so might
, so he asked me to bring it back to him. :-) So, occassionally, as he wanted
to design a website we had some small talk, or little discussion and I brought him a
disc with Macromedia Dreamweaver 2004 MX.

So, I wish all of you quiet night and have to say sorry for not posting so long
the latests news and greets for Ulla, Michi and Leah as well,


Tuesday, 1st February 2005 @ 10.15pm (GMT)
Hello, okay today people I had a look on my bank account data and see that the life
insurance thing my father set up took 150 EUR of my account all at once. They sad they
wanted first take 100 EUR and the second half next week. And I just worry that now I am
a bit in minus. 64,07 EUR! There will come some money but later this month. So, hope this
only a one time issue, as now they always will hopefully take the money at the beginning
of each month. What else to say? Hmmm... My GMX DSL now working and I was trying to
get some movies off Shareaza, but then I discovered they had been all fakes. So, now I
am trying to get the movie off other sources.

Ah, btw. my Mobilephone charging device was damaged (made in Japan, joke) so I had to
look for a new one. As a friend of mine also has the same mobile phone I probably will
rent it off him. But I also looked at ebay and bought a new one for some bucks from a
seller which is located close to me. But when I asked him, if I could meet him and take
the thing personally, he insisted on sending it to me by post. It is a bit I think, if you
are close together... you will save shipping charges. The seller also offered me to come
to his shop in the city. But he said that there the shop prices rules. So, I said thanks,
because I bought the device on ebay for the price there. And I would not let someone
cheat on me.

Greets and good night, ShareNoEvil.