News of: January 2005

Monday, 24th January 2005 @ 9.50pm (GMT)
Okay, people... I now added a new smart tool in the My Stuff area. It is called Irfanview
and it is a freeware graphics viewer tool. I use that to browse my photographs and other
images. ShareNoEvil.

Monday, 24th January 2005 @ 9.22pm (GMT)
Hey, all people on this earth, today... what I did today? I sent my photographs to my
Ulla. Hopefully, if I have some chance she will receive it the next days. I also updated
my catalogs. So, that is all for the moment. I have had some problems with some
Music CDs to rip them, as everytime I rip it in variable or constant bitrate, I hear some
noise in between. the CD's are not copy protected. But, I think this might be an error
with my computer. But I am not sure... so will try some things out. Some CD's are okay
by the way. Greets, David.

Sunday, 23rd January 2005 @ 9.52pm (GMT)
Okay, one more okay... I fixed some layout things on the My Stuff site. Furthermore,
I updated some data at the personal section. Ah, and someone bought my article I
offered at ebay, which contains some old star trek stuff I do not need. So, well what is
there else to say? Ah, yes I phoned my best friend Ulla and will send her all my
photographs I already took with my new camera during the next week. :-) So, I wish
you all a good night, with good good dreams. ShareNoEvil.

Friday, 21st January 2005 @ 3.58pm (GMT)
Okay folks, I changed the old layout back and removed the additional link from the
menu as in this section this onkly private stuff which is protected from public access at
the moment. You know I will change my DSL option from Freenet 5GB Power to GMX.

Friday, 21st January 2005 @ 9.25am (GMT)
So, as you may see I changed the layout a bit, just stretched everything by adding a
new menu point. This section My Personal Stuff will contain some private things, I do
not want to share at the moment (as there might be sensible data). That is why I protected
it for the moment. By the was I am probably gonna change my ISP (= Internet Service
as the old one did not show all the time the latest traffic in the traffic monitor.
So, I am trying out this one a bit, if both are the same, maybe I'll change back later.

Tuesday, 17th January 2005 @ 9.53pm (GMT)
Okay, all people on earth. I recently as the package with the old PC game did not
arrived here yet, also looked at google search engine. And I found the full game for
download on an site. I downloaded i, installed it, but first it did not worked properly.
Then, a guy on called Ooble gave me a helpful suggestion: "... Try this:
right-click on STREETS.EXE and choose Properties. Navigate to the Compatibility tab, and tick
the box saying "Run this program in compatibility mode." Then hit OK, and try running it. It
may not work, but it's worth a shot. ..." (18-01-2005 @ 7:03 pm (GMT)).
This worked indeed.
So, I need to say thanks to this nice person. I did not know that XP can start programs
like at former Windows versions. Anyway, I tried it out a bit, but it is not really
recommendable. The graphics are more bad than in Need For Speed. In SimCopter, the
graphics are even better. But see yourself! Also in TheSims the graphics are nicer. I will save
that game as it is hard to find in my archive also, but think I won`t use it as often as other

Back to ebay! Yeah, I spent five euro there for that piece of shit, but I am happy that
I did not bought it some years ago. Was a good decision at that time. And the package
at ebay still did not arrived. The seller is telling me, it may take longer. I gave him one
week as that should be enough time for the postal service. I just hope I'll get one more
comment in my ebay profile soon. Then I will have a little star icon beside my name :-)



Tuesday, 17th January 2005 @ 6.32pm (GMT)
Good morning to all you people in Europe and the UK of course. I am listening to
Virgin Radio News in London after having had some letters to throw inside letterboxes.
Okay, folks I bought this old hard to find PC Game on ebay some days ago. It did not
reached me yet. Maybe today, maybe not.

Other thing: a DISCLAIMER or something like a private policy for my website.
I mean some sort of thing where I say I might be held responsible for what I am posting
here on the one hand side, but on the other an explanation to you that I might make
mistakes. If you discover any mistake or something that isn`t politaclly correct, please
mail me immediately and I am gonna check over it, maybe correct it. Thanks, people. :-)

Ah, last weekend I'd been at a Museum in Bonn (where my sister formerly lived) and in
Cologne with my parents. Anyway, I took some photographs and saw some two more
with a Canon EOS 300D. I am gonna post them in the gallery later. Yeah, I know the gallery
isn`t opened yet. I am working on that. It will take a bit to prepare stuff and so on.

Ah, btw. (means: by the way) some days ago, last week a famous guy called Rudolph
Mooshammer who was in the fashion scene, was supposed to be murdered by another person
of the gay scene.
But he probably was also known in that gay scene as investigations may show
now. Though in public he was only often seen with his little dog on his arm.

Other thing: The TSUNAMI issue. I donated 1 EUR though at my local bank, they collected
some money and there was a box with already around 15 EUR :-)

Greets to you all and try to enjoy whatever you doing in this moment,


Thursday, 13th January 2005 @ 11.39pm (GMT)
Heya, hello all people, I recently donated as some of you may know an amount of five
dollar to SoulSeek, means 3.80EUR at that time. And at the beginning of this week I
got some priveleges for thirty-five days. I tried them out a bit, for some two days, and
also shared them with some nice friends and people I have in my list, as there are
ice12345, inadaya, The Soul Seeker.
But finally, as my limit of 5GB at my ISP are
already not so far away and as I already finished downloading all my recently lost
music (because of damged compacts), I decided to also give the last privileges to xmoris.
I hope all the people will find it a bit useful. It is not much, but it is like a little present
for christmas.

Recently, I also saved my last music on Music Recordings No. 3 and updated my catalogs.
So, if you want to get my latest filelist, go and click here!

Yesterday, I ordered my favorite peppermint tea (by Ronnefeldt @ Tee im Netz).
As some of you may know I once in my lifetime was looking for a game called
Streets of Simcity(tm). It is really hard to find as it is no longer produced since some
years. So, first I tried to get it at Shareaza (means Gnutella 1&2 and Edunkey). This took
really really very long. Finally I got a RAR-Archive which seems to contain the game
files. I tried to install it but, had no success, so I looked at ebay and got it off there.
I have to say I never ever buy expensive stuff on ebay as there might be some unserious
Occassionally, I was trying out the online banking of my bank account to
transfer the money. And wow, the local bank where I have my account now offering
a possibility to check your account stats from just within a browser :-) I remember a
year ago (or so), you had to install heavy programs which may slow downs your
computer. Nothing against them, but this program Star Money really slow down my
computer. So, I am a bit happy that now I can now I can check my account from ever
internet PC. I still have to use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and TAN (Transaction
So, it is seems that you need many numbers, but that is for safety reasons.
Though, finally there is not much money ( bucks or so...) on my account. <LOL>
To get back to the main story, I also looked for a movie Heaven & Earth, which is
based on a true story of a womam during vietnam war. Also nice movie not easy to find,
but nice story and wonderful music.

Okay, that is all so far, yeah I am also informing of maybe doing an Ecological Year,
something like the Social Year. But more in ecological stuff. Why not a social year again?
That is a bit complicated, as some people been saying (after one month at an institution
for mentaly handicaped and blind people)
they could not imagine me taking care of other
people. Personally, I listen to each opinion, but I also have to say my best friend Ulla
once told me she could truely imagine me working in a social job (or area). As I say, it is
a bit complicated, I try to hear on my inner voice and not to be too sad or whatever,
but also looking in the direction of an ecological year maybe.

Yeah, of course I am the owner of a website and the adminstrator of a forum (and of
some others)
, but you need to earn a bit money also. So, if you want to support my work
here click the (paypal) donation Icon at the credits site. Your donations will be used for
all necessary work related to keep this website uptodate. They also maybe used for things
to take care of my music archive.
By the way, it in came to my mind that my friend Michi
is also using the same tool (Macromedia Dreamweaver) at her studies for online journalism
and so on. Ah, and yeah she logged in one time at my forum also, but did not know
exactly hot to use the Admin Control Panel, so maybe I will show her one time a bit.
For the moment I wish everyone I know and obviously all other people on earth
a nice and hopefully quiet night (with amazing little dreams),


Saturday, 1st January 2005 @ around 8.01pm (GMT)
Oh, now recently my friend Leah phoned me, so we will try to meet together tomorrow
at a small Cafe. I will burn all the images I took twice on DVD so they can both enjoy
them. My other friend Michi will also be there. Yeah, they received the SMS yesterday.
<LOL> Okay, I wish you all a sweet sweet and nice night...

Oh, btw. I thought of a Disclaimer on my Site, but should I really place infos about
law and so on here? Another thing: I will try to install Linux, Unix or whatever (but not
XP) on my computer soon. I had a lot of problems with Windows. Mainly Windows 98 (SE).
Windows 200 even not worked here, but XP working now here. I think I will choose the Linux,
DaBlade recommended to me. Maybe I am gong to try KNOPPIX out before...

Saturday, 1st January 2005 @ 7.48pm (GMT)
I just put an image online of my all my trashed cds inside the trashcan. So, a new
era has just begun maybe. I am waiting for the Terrabyte DVD... Look in the My Stuff
section to see the old cds...

Saturday, 1st January 2005 @ 7.26pm (GMT)
Okay, people :-) yesterday I celberated New Years Eve at a local cinema here like the
year before. There haven`t been much fireworks here as many people are really
concerned about the situation and the flooding in Asia. Personally, sure it is sad
that what happened, but I think it is a being pushed a bit too much in publicity. I
saw it on the first pages only that news. Anyway, sure I feel with the people and their

Yesterday, I also phoned my friend Leah. As she has some days off unvisersiy these
days (till 9th January) maybe we are going to meet each other :-) for some talk or
Hope she will remember to phone me back tomorrow. Ah. btw. yesterday I
send 4x SMS tomy cousin Ice, to my cousine Asia and my friend Leah :-) I hope all
Message been received in time (as I did not get any answer yet).

To add that I also organised some stuff, so I trashed all my old compacts. As I now
have all my stuff on DVD and the old CD`s have been scratched a bit and partly saved
with Viruses, I will no longer need them. I also think it might be a less security risk just
to have 20 DVDs instead of around 200 compacts. I am still hoping the Terrabyte DVD
is coming soon. <LOL> Now, I seem to have some 100GB on all my discs. :-) Ah, and
now all my music from my Audio CD`s is also backuped. I decided to rip always in 128kbps.
I know some of you say, bad quality. No, I think it is okay, as it is CD Quality more or less.
I also though of 192kbps. Maybe, later... maybe not, but 128kbps is okay for my needs...

So, I wish you all a happy new year,