News of: January 2006

Sunday, 22nd January 2006 @ 2.54pm (GMT)
First a big "Hello" after a long time without hearing anything new from me. No, no, I am
not dead yet, if some of you hoped it. Okay, I had a little accident after a small letter
attacked me, and some small pieces of two teeths broke... Okay, that was meant as a
little joke to keep you happy :-) The fact is it was very icey and I fall down, cause
I was a bit to fast. The last days and weeks a lot happened at work, and a lot of
customers wanted to sent their letters through us. And the last 2-3 days I got horroble
amount of letters: four hundred + some catalogs. I even thought of asking for
a split of my area in two smaller areas, but if I look logically, I have to wait if that
amount of letters is just being sent occassionally for short time of period or for
longer than a month. I think it might be just some shorter time, as most of the
letters are from a local bank, with some sort of individual informations.

Since last week my cousine Asia with her husband Martin came to Nuremberg and
is visiting some areas and sites in and around my lovely city. Last Sunday I took my
camera with me and took some pics in the sunset with them, some nice shots.
I printed some of them on 10x15cm, and was a bit suprised that they are so small
when being printed. But they always been that size on photopaper, I think I am used to
see photos on bigger size on the monitor.

So, I hope you all are fine, and I am wishing you a happy new year btw., (you, too,
Ulla, Michi and Leah and all my friends and relatives I forgot to mention here)


PS. I have to say, I now have a more easy to remember internet adress: If you have any questions concerning my website, you can
use this mail adress: Ah, btw. I have to mention also
that the SFGI (Society For Global Issues) is now known completey as Hidden Landscapes, Inc.