News of: July 2005

Thursday, 7th July 2005 @ 9.22pm (GMT)
Today, as some of you may have heard there happened some terrorist attacks on
the London tube and on one bus. That is sad as every kind of violence on earth like
on 9-11, as you might know. I am not sure if some friends of mine haven`t been in
London. You know my cousin ice12345 is working there the last years in the summer
for three months.

Today, btw. I made some logisitic failure, maybe because I was to tired in the
afternoon, but when doing a second tour for delivering letters, I only take three
letters, but should take all obviously. That is some critics with myself, so that
next time I am going to avoid that hopefully.

My best wishes and hopefully you are well,


Monday, 4th July 2005 @ 4.38pm (GMT)
Hello boyz and girls, what`s up? The last weekend I was a bit more busy. I still can`t
reach Leah and Michi, think that they are maybe busy as well. Hopefully you are well
more or less, Leah and Michi, and all the others. I wrote a Mail to my other friend
Nadine, yesterday around midnight. The weekend I watched Melinda & Melinda in the
cinema, a nice movie which showing you that life is both a tragedy and a comedy.

At Brief24 we got three new red small and awesome looking cars, awesome is good
description, more sweet. If you know these italian pizza cars, the small ones then
you could imagine it a bit. Maybe I am going to post some pics at some time.
I am still working on the gallery site for my photographs. I think I will first post
the best ten or so photographs of a month. :-) As webspace is hard to find for them.

Yo, okay so far I am wishing you a nice day or night wherever you are,
whatever you are doing at this moment on this earth,


PS. The weekend I was caught by police and I had to pay a ticker of thirty euro,
for not having fasten my seatbelt, one more time. Yes, sure it was my fault and it
is okay unfortunately, but I still was a bit angry. Oh, I forget to say today is the
independence day in the United States.