News of: June 2005

Monday, 27th June 2005 @ 1.04am (GMT)
Yo, hello again. hope you all are well more or less. I am worrying a bit as I can`t reach
some of my best friends, Leah and Michi. Their mobile phones seems to be turned off.
I hope they are okay more or less.

I asked again at this old forum Rikk`s and Cowsy`s, if I am allowed to join in again.
Almost a year left where I was banned over there.



Sunday, 19th June 2005 @ 2.29am (GMT)
Hello back again! The recent days have been quite busy, and I got the first letter sent
by another postal service, Brief24. I saw the letter occasionally at work, when having a
look at the letters sorted in the box. Letter was sent by the local bank. One week ago,
the sorting machine also had some problems one day and we needed to sort some
letters manually.

Another good news is that I got answer from my best friend Ulla. As she didn`t reply
for a long time, I was worrying too much. Now I know she is going to marry and as they
are preparing some stuff, she had less time, recently. Well, she also studying, so no
wonder why she had so few time. Hopefully, she is happy :-)

Ah, yes I also logged in at Audiogalaxy and talked to some people on the bulletin board.
There are some nice threads and ideas over there. I remember haivng seen a thread,
about what Jesus said on the cross.

Finally, that is interesting: three people going to marry close to me. My sister is
celebrating her marriage though they already married, but in the church and so on. My
cousine Asia will marry in October, and my friend Ulla. Nice.

Hope you all are well,