News of: March 2005

Friday, 11th March 2005 @ 9.52pm (GMT)
Hello, all people and all my friendy, hello Ulla, first I apologize for not having written
for so a long time, but there had been many many letters at this slight and decent postal
service Brief24. Many regions still need some postmens and -womens. I am really glad
for every region with a new person, who take care of it :-) You need to know, as long as
these regions are not being served by persons, the other ones (me and... the other people)
have to do these letters additionally and this take more time. So, if many people will take care
each of one section, this will take less time. So, you are invited to help. Bring your whole family
and every family members will get a specific sections. Big sections can be split into two or more
little sections.

Other topic: my teeths, I was at the dentist and so far more or less all okay, but on three
teeths he need to continue working. But finally I am happy that now I am at this dentist,
as I have no good memories of the dentists in my childhood.

My birthday is coming soon :-) I thought of celebrating it on a local tower in Nuremberg
being used for TV- and Radio Stations. But unfortunately this tower seems to be closed
for visiting since 1991. But when I was younger I remember being there. A bit sad, cause
would have been a nice idea otherwise.

Ah, Soulseek and so one... last time it took very long to find stuff on some filesharing
programs. So, that makes me supposing less users going to share. Okay, I haven`t
left my copmuter turned on the last time. Maybe, I will leave SoulSeek on some more
time. Ah, this Knoppix Linux on this bootable CD really worked for me as my computer
recognized all stuff. And internet is also working...

Okay, so I wish you all a nice night and wonderful dreams,