News of: November 2004

Tuesday, 30th November 2004 @ 06.37pm (GMT)
Heya alll people, I ordered a DVD recorder yesterday @ and will got it
between 8. and 15. december of this year. I also was at the dentist yesterday, will
have to go next week monday next time for finishing this work. When I figure it out
I will burn all the stuff I have from my compacts on some DVDs, if this works. I am
not sure though. I also will try to burn all the photos I took on DVD if I succeed in
doing that. Ah, you can now browse older news about my site at the bottom
of this page. {Save Dave}.

Monday, 29th November 2004 @ 00.44am (GMT)
Oki, people :D Today, I came back from visiting some relatives in Poland and
my cousin Ice in Gdansk (Danzig). As Gdansk is a nice city, we took some images.
Yeah, really when I looking @my camera it showing over 3000 photos taken, over
400 in Gdansk. Wow, I have not got the Gdansk images yet as my cousin will sent
it to me on CD later, or DVD. Maybe later I will try to put some shots on the site.
But after I got all photos together. Ah, I have to change my SoulSeek username
onetime as it is still sha`re@KaZaA. Greets for Asia, Daniel i Ice btw. My Forum is back
online fully restored...

Monday, 15th November 2004 @ 09.46pm (GMT)
Today, Duffman told me he restored around 977 threads on my forum, but I still can`t
see them in any section. I checked every forum out. I asked them for help, am I doing
something wrong? Or my computer don`t love me?

Sunday, 14th November 2004 @ 04.10pm (GMT)
I got mail from the GMX Support that they promised me to made my old Webadress
available soon, hopefully :D I hope that a little as some images have been linked
from that adress :-) I also upgraded to ProMail Service. No, when I log in I do not
see the ads. And it is just costs 2.99EUR per month. <LOL> But til 14-02-2005, it is
free. I hope you all people are well.

Sunday, 14th November 2004 @ 03.31pm (GMT)
I am really really very angry that my Mail Provider GMX deleted the adress They seemed to have done it yesterday, as before
it was reachable still :-) Ok, now I put the site on my other host, hopefully they
won`t delete it as well <LOL> We will see. But I worry a bit as I had all the BANNER
programs on the GMX adress. We will see... btw. Duffman still did not restored the
old threads, I am thinnk he cheated me out. Think that could be the last time I
was on InvisionFree. Some people on that Earth really annoying me. On next Thursday
I will visit my cousin in Gdansk, Poland and some other relatives. So I won`t be
at home next time. I added the Bride.Ru Banned above :D Please support me by
just click it once or as often as you want, thanks.

Saturday, 13th November 2004 @ 05.09am (GMT)
I added a donation icon :D if you want to help me financially to make this site a nice
place please donate 1 EUR :D or more. Thanks. Just click the paypal icon on the
credits site.

Wednesday, 10th November 2004 @ 9:41pm (GMT)
Okay, today I looked up at my bank account and at PayPal and it show me
that the money had been successfully transfered to InvisionFree, I mean Duffman.
Though Duffman not told me yet that the money was received by him.

I also changed my Site a bit and decided to add two interesting dowloads. On the one
side you able to download my whole database which includes informations of all data
I have on my CDs. Then you can browse and search through it if you want. If you find
some interesting file mail me. :-) I also added a tool called WhatPulse which i recently
discovered and which counts your clicks you are making on your computer. Then it
put people in ranking lists and teams. <LOL> :D

I was today shortly ago at KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken - to get some Zinger and
some Coke. Will be off now again, cause I want to have a look at the video library
for some hard stuff, now just a joke, maybe there is some new nice movie. I doubt it.

So, I sent you some smile :-)

Tuesday, 9th November 2004
It`s snowing here :D since today morning <LOL> Not much, but a bit.
You might see it on the right hand pic showing a nice and warm dressed young woman.
Yesterday, I tried to resize my photographs to put them later @ sometime on the
Gallery. The Forum will be offline for the next two weeks for restoring old threads that
have been deleted by a hacker. I already transfered the money (9.49$ = 7.51EUR)
to my PayPal account when it is where it will be automatically transfered to InvisionFree,
hopefully. Then i will be restored, this may take a week. As I am visiting my relatives
in Poland, and my cousin in Gdansk I will let it closed the next week, too. I also planning
to change the Forum Style and to sort the threads. Sure, I am trying to take some
photographs in Gdansk as well as this is a nice city. Don`t know if there`s snow yet. :-)
Later, then the Forums major changes are being finished, I`ll try to get a
backup of the Forum. Then, if I manage one time to restore *.sql databases,
I will gonna install the board on my computer again. As you may know, the mysql
thing on my HD is sucking and very slow.

Sunday, 7th November 2004
Okay, now I found some nice tutorials how I can make scrolling tables
with the help of Stylesheets :-) Though that`s all a temporary solution,
it looks a bit, but only a bit nice. Nice, nice, ice... What should I add next... ?
Hmmm.... Maybe you want to know where I found this tutorial... Click Here!
So, now I think I will mainly try to take care of the MyStuff and the Gallery,
and I have to look for a host allowing me at least ~400mb for my images.
But it is hard to find some. :-) If you know some good ones, I would be
interesting to hear about them. You may post it in the Forum (see the menu),
you do not need register for that. Thanks, and try to be happy a bit.
I am adding a News @ Earth site with latest world news. The Gallery and My Stuff
section are being closed as they are not finished yet.

Saturday, 6th November 2004
Today, I talked to Rossco a bit - who is more involved with Dreamweaver MX -
to ask him how I could do that scrolling window. Finally, I found a tag called
<iframe> Hmm... Interesting... I will search more on it on Google :D
If you have better suggestions, plz let me know. Thanks...
I also added that Weatherpixie on the right hand side. That`s a person
showing you the current weather in my area and aroudn Nuremberg :-)

Thursday, 4th November 2004
Yesterday, there been elections in the United States and Bush won :-/.
Hopefully he will be more careful in his policy next times. Finally Kerry and
Edwards also held a great speech to all their friends and supporters.

Monday, 1st November 2004
Now I am beginning to figure out how this Macromedia Stuff is working... <LOL>
It is seems quite interesting, but take some time to go in the details :-)

I will keep you informed on the process of making a website. David.

Some days ago...
Yeah, some days I downloaded that Dreamweaver MX tool, many ppl have been
sayind they love it and sooo on. So, I thought give it a try.

I also thought of what should be on my Website and which content there should be
and decided on a little part about me, a Gallery with my 3D Bryce5 Images and my first
Photographs, some little downloads (if GMXhome allowing me that!), a link to my
beloved Forum and some Credits.

Sweet Dreams,

David. :-)