News of: October 2005

Wednesday, 13th October 2005 @ 13.05pm (GMT)
Hello people, hi Ulla, so now finally my holiday has just started and I am a bit
happy it will last two weeks. I also have to apologize, that I wasn`t regularly updating
the news, so some of you might have been worrying what was going on with me.

You have to know a friend of mine from work, Sonja is also on holiday, only on the
other half of the earth, on cuba. I just took the next flight to my cousin in Gdansk.
It took one hour in a smaller airplane. But his hour was better than travelling a whole
day by car. The first day I had a smaller headache, maybe a consequence of the
the fast flight and therefore the the climate change. Nevertheless, the weather
is very sunny, with a fresh wind. I already made a small walk to the east sea yesterday
to relax a bit from work.

My mother phoned me yesterday and told me that someone from work, though it was
Birgit, wanted to speak to me. Hope it wasn`t nothing too big as there should be enough
people there during my holiday :-)

Unfortunately, I have no internet connection here from my own computer.
I looked out for WLANS from my relatives flat, but no one seems to be here.
So, a good news: a WLAN Freezone :-) Think this trend will reach poland sooner
or later, or maybe I just had a bad position during my searches.

Greetz and my best wishes, (aha, the wedding of my sister was nice)


PS. I took a lot of images on my sisters wedding also. There have been more than
four people with cameras so that my sister should get images from mor than four
different views of her wedding soon. I rented a car for my sisters wedding, so that
I was a bit mor independent. I got a SMART as that was the only available car.
It was a bit smaller than others, but so I was able to test it out a bit.