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Private Policy (DISCLAIMER)


I. Obviously I might be held responsible for what I am doing here. But try to keep in mind: I am also just
a human and I made made mistakes whether I try try to be politically correct al the time. So, if you discover
any wrong or false or ILLEGAL information, please mail me immediately. So, I might be able to check over it
and correct it.

II. I take no responsibility for content of all external LINKS which are provided on this website.

III. I will also take no guarantee for the correctness of the information, though I am always try to post
right information. Please inform me if you see any false information, so I can correct it. Thanks!

IV. Donations which are made to support work on my website might be shown in detail. Means: I will post info in the
news. If you want to stay anonymously for some reasons please inform me by mail :-)

V. Everything I forgort here and which would be important to save my ass, might be posted here.

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