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"... In the words of Soulseek: "Soulseek is an ad-Free, Spyware-free, just plain free file sharing application." (They rely on user support.) The more support a person gives, the higher priority they recieve in the queues. In otherwords: each $5 spot a user shells out gets them closer to being first in line and closer to the music they want.

Why would you want to be first? Well, if you're an electronic/techno/dance music lover, with a soul that has not been able to hone in just yet on that rare mp3 file, than Soulseek might be the place to get it. Some of the download queues rival the longest lines found outside the hottest NYC clubs on a Saturday night. If you slip the Soulseek network some cash you get jumped to the head of the class, and if not all the way to the front, at least a little closer. ..."

Source: (04-11-2004).

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